Johnson City Public Library logo

The Johnson City Public Library wanted to launch a brand-new identity on the library’s 115th anniversary.

Visual Elements

• Two books (or magazines/newspapers)—one facing back to the left, one facing forward to the right—represent the library’s history of providing quality traditional media as well as bringing new media formats and timely resources to the community. The images overlap to suggest JCPL’s simultaneous offerings of all modern media.

• The book on the right includes a reader’s head, which when combined with the book, loosely mimics the headlight and pilot (cowcatcher) of a locomotive—alluding to Johnson City’s origins as Johnson’s Depot and its tradition of progress.

• The skyline and sun symbolize the East Tennessee Smoky Mountains region and JCPL’s commitment to serving the surrounding community.

• Blue and green are inviting colors that represent vitality and growth. They suggest fresh excitement for new information and intellectual endeavors.

Cumberland Resource Group logo

Seeking help with its re-branding efforts, this coal mining company wanted to communicate its strong history of mining as well as its modern commitment to cleaner practices and conscientiousness of environmental impact.

Visual Elements

• The crescent or “C” shape stands for Cumberland as well as coal and carbon. The crescent form has six parts because “6 is carbon’s atomic number.

• Fern leaf shapes allude to coal’s origin as prehistoric fern and the transformative process in which it was created. The image symbolizes growth and progress, especially in the expanding coil of the fiddlehead.

• The visual weight of the solid circle mimics the density and color of coal. Its singular shape represents finality, stability and importance. The circle also represents earth and the soil from which coal is extracted.

• The overall shape of the logo in conjunction with the text loosely resembles a pickaxe, recalling Cumberland’s long history of mining.

• Green suggests environmental conscientiousness and harmony.

Yasoo Health Inc. logo

Yasoo Health produces pharmaceutical-grade vitamin supplements and condition-specific nutritional products. Founded by a chemist from Greece, Yasoo has offices in the United States, Greece and Cyprus.

Visual Elements

• The white space in the logo creates a “Y,” which stands for Yasoo.

• When coupled with the circle, the white “Y” shape illustrates a vital, healthy, human figure leaping with up-stretched arms. “Yasoo” means “good-health” or “to your health.”

• The “S” is characteristically Hellenistic to suggest the company’s Greek origins and Greece’s ancient history of medicine and philosophy.

Ectropy logo

As a startup, Ectropy Science came to us to help develop its new brand. The company produces and sells mystery-solving science kits as well as other science-related educational toys and equipment for children.

Visual Elements

• Ectropy loosely means “order out of chaos.” In keeping with that idea, the “Y” in the logo—which resembles a flask or funnel often used in chemistry—acts as a visual agent for putting chaotic green particles in order.

• The crisp, sharp, heavy look of the letter forms reinforces the importance and empiricism of science.

Historic Eureka Inn logo

Independent Living Solutions logo

This home care company wanted a fresh start with a new look.

Visual Elements

• The bird form communicates the ideas of independence and life.

• The bird form also resembles a helping hand to signify caring and human touch.

• The hand-painted letterforms and watercolor texture further emphasize the ideas of sensitivity and humanity.